Friday, July 15, 2011

Photographer #335: Mauro D'Agati

Mauro D'Agati, 1968, Italy, is a documentary photographer who has released various monographs with large publishers. One of the books is Alamar (2010), telling the story on the town close to Havana in Cuba. It was once a symbol of the utopian dream of the socialist community. Although build with passion during the 1970's, it has been constructed in an amateurish way and has become more of an example of chaos and mistakes. In his book Napule Shot (2010) he shows us various aspects and sections of Naples through various characters and locations. Other books Mauro has released are Palermo Unsung (2009) on performances at local music festivals in various districts of Palermo, Vucciria (2006) about an old market neighbourhood in Palermo and Less Vegas (2011) with stories in and around Las Vegas. The following images come from the series Alamar, Napule Shot and Vucciria.

(Video in Italian)

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