Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photographer #349: Antonio Bolfo

Antonio Bolfo, 1981, USA, is a photojournalist based in New York City. His career started working as an animator for video games before he decided to persue photography fulltime. For his series NYPD: Operation IMPACT he followed the youngest, most untested officers on their operation IMPACT. The police men and women are send to the most violent and dangerous neighbourhoods of NYC for a plunge into "The Job". The 30 rookies in the South Bronx are confronted with some of the most vicious criminals. Bolfo also visited Haiti on several occasions resulting in series on the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 2010. In Haiti he also followed local fishermen who had to dig mass graves to bury the dead and he visited the mass garbage dumps in Port au Prince where a vast community tries to survive by searching food and scrap metal at the dumping site. Antonio was recently selected for the World Press Joop Swart masterclass. The following works come from the series NYPD: Operation IMPACT, Mass Garbage Dumps of Cite Soleil and Grave Diggers of Ti Tanyen.


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Unknown said...

Waow I love the one with the police officers coming towards camera in snow.