Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photographer #358: Christopher Morris

Christopher Morris, 1958, USA, is a founding member of VII photo agency and a highly versatile photographer. In the first 20 years of his career he was a war photographer, covering conflicts in former Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Panama amongst many others. In Chechnya he realised he wanted to change his course which led to an 8 year assignment for Time Magazine as a White House photographer following the Bush administration. During the Bush-era, he published his first monograph called My America. The book is a personal journey into a Republican America. The change from war photography, being very uncontrolled and spontaneous, to the White House photographer, being very controlled and staged, shifted his photography into a new direction which includes staged, documentary and portrait work. Currently Christopher has even ventured into fashion photography. He is a regular contributor for the Italian fashion magazine AMICA. The following images come from the series Obama's Burden, My America and Chechen War.



José Cabral said...

inspiring blog! congrats!

Anonymous said...

Its unbelievable. The black and white picture of the boy, in the middle of the third line!

Now: There's a picture from James Nachtwey, which shows exactly the same boy, in the same town, on the same road and alsmost at the same spot!

Both photographers must have been at the same time on the same spot! Both of them took a picture of the boy. Its really interesting how a single historical is going to be (photographically) perceived in different views.