Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photographer #407: Francisco Reina

Francisco Reina, 1979, Spain, is a politically and socially-engaged conceptual photographer based in The Netherlands. In his project The Art of Power he meticulously manipulated architectural elements that depict political institutions, making them into impenetrable structures. We see the  ruling institutions of today as rational enterprises who's interest should be to further the interest of their societies as a whole. Francisco strongly believes that this notion is not always rooted in reality and that the leaders of our world are gradually becoming an elite class primarily concerned with defending its own interests. The series called Strauss' Legacy focuses on "the so-called neoconservatives and the way in which their presence in the American presidential administration on September 11, 2001 shaped events."  He created images that through a conceptual way takes a close look at "the role of multinational corporations in a conflict which began under the name "Operation Enduring Freedom" and turned into a perfect market niche for multi-million dollar earnings." His work has been exhibited mainly in Spain, but also in The Netherlands and New York. The following images come from the series The Art of Power, Strauss' Legacy and The Silent Enigma.

Website: www.franciscoreina.com


Thomas said...

Reina's Art of Power series reminds me of Residente Pulido, a work by Venezuelan artist Alexander Apostol, which uses a similar technique to remove the windows.

Here's a link to Apostol's work:


André Tavares said...


I am a Brazilian photographer.
His work is beautiful. creative and very harmonious.
Brilliant! Congratulations.
When you can visit my blog, I would be happy to recever some tips.
Thank you for your attention.
Hugs friend

André Tavares

Paul said...

It's thought provoking work, something to aspire too.