Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photographer #093: Alexander Gronsky

Alexander Gronsky, Estonia, 1980, started working as a professional photographer in 1998 and has done various projects since then. He has recently received the FOAM Paul Huf Award. In his series Pastoral he explores wastelands within Moscow City, areas that have no definition as they are not urban nor rural. For Endless Night he travelled to Murmansk which lies behind the Artic circle, where each year the sun disappears for two months. For an editorial story he left for Naftalan in Azerbaijan. They have a supply of oil that is considered medicinal, but one can't do anything else with it, therefore it is worthless and all they can do is bathe in it. The following images come from Pastoral, Endless Night and Naftalan.



Spag said...

Very interesting, I like this kind of photography!

Anonymous said...

Hey people wake up! You can find such photos in every homephoto album in Russia.

Sergey Neamoscou said...

I'm Russian and I'm telling you that you can't!