Monday, March 7, 2011

Photographer #241: Guillaume Zuili

Guillaume Zuili, 1965, France, works and lives in Los Angeles, USA. He became a member of VU Agency in 1992 and has been shooting images for the French Press, since 2002 as a correspondent in California. Since 1996 he has photographed cities using double exposures. Berlin, Paris Moscow, Lisbon and Prague are the cities he portrayed revealing the complexity and layers of these urban settings. At the same time he focuses on recording the myth of "The Golden State". In his series Foreclosure Alley Zuili documented the gated communities that were created within a five year period and was the American Dream to many but has become a nightmare due to an astounding number of foreclosures. The "For Sale" signs have become the new landscape. The following images come from the series Exposed Cities: MoscowForeclosure Alley and California Oil.

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