Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Photographer #252: Jeroen Hofman

Jeroen Hofman, 1976, The Netherlands, is an editorial and commercial photographer who also focuses on his personal work. He is currently in the process of self-publishing his book Playground, which should be released towards the end of 2011. Playground is a long-term project in which he photographed training facilities where members of the fire brigade, the police force and the ministry of defense are getting prepared for various situations. Jeroen often takes an elevated position with the use of a platform crane while shooting his large-format images of these orchestrated scenarios. In his commercial and editorial work Hofman often focuses on portraiture. The following images come from the series Playground, Beringsea Fishermen and Inferno.

Website: www.jeroenhofman.com

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Factory Photographer said...

Just loved the first three images. The lone house in the snow is very eye catching.