Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photographer #253: Matthieu Gafsou

Swiss/French photographer Matthieu Gafsou, 1981, is a landscape or urban landscape photographer. In his impressive body of work we find the series Surfaces, a collection of photographs taken in Tunisia. The places he encountered in Tunisia varied in strange ways. He felt that the land was devided by tradition and aspiration and that the structures failed to create any coherence. He photographed the buildings that merely create a surface or make-believe. He feels that "these new cities are in fact a mere reflection of a modernity the country has not really found out for itself." The hotels, a mix of modernity and false authenticity. and the modern houses are for a large part a created reality which can be seen on the surface, but it cannot be felt or experienced as something real. In 2009 he released Surfaces as a monograph. Matthieu has exhibited his work on numerous occasions in Europe and the USA. The following images come from the series Terres Compromises, Alpes and Surfaces.


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