Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photographer #257: Karen Mirzoyan

Armenian photographer Karen Mirzoyan, 1981, born in Georgia is a documentary photographer and a photojournalist. He has done several series and is currently working on various long-term projects. His photostory called The Unrecognized Islands of Caucasus is divided in four parts. These different parts of his story are also edited into different chapters. Karen's multi-layered chapters create a very profound insight into stories that deal with war. He shows us an enormous diversity of the effects of war. Karen's work is strong, personal, full of respect and frightening at the same time. The following images come from the storyparts Nagorno-Karabakh Republic / Artsakh, Republic of Abkhazia / Apsny and Republic of South Ossetia.

Website: www.karenmirzoyan.com
Video on his previous project My Roads: Armenia-Turkey Border

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