Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photographer #258: Kanako Sasaki

Kanako Sasaki, 1976, Japan, is a conceptual photographer who also uses video for her projects. She travels all over the world to work on her photographic stories. She often uses herself as an actor in her photographs. Since 2001 she has exhibited throughout the world. In her series Walking in the Jungle, which was created after she read the Diary of Anne Frank, she recreates historical events and mixes them with her own memories and imagination. In this way she creates situations that are not fiction, yet they are not non-fiction either. In the series Wanderlust she explored her own imaginative world, influenced by Japanese novels, her own memories and Ukiyo-e paintings. The following images come from the series Walking in the Jungle, Ukiyo 1 - The World of Groping and Wanderlust.


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