Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photographer #354: Xavier Comas

Xavier Comas, 1970, Spain, graduated in 1995 at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Barcelona University. Driven by the passion for travelling and cultural immersion, he left on an adventurous journey to Asia in 2002. He wants to be a visual storyteller by using an intimate, spontaneous photographic approach.  In Thailand he focused on the most southern provinces creating a body of work called Derelict that deals with Thailand's muslim majority and the subject of abandonment. He spend three months living with an ethnic Malay muslim family. His project Tokyo Up, Down is a series of tryptychs taken inside and outside of elevators. The elevators are, according to Xavier; "a showcase for the basic paradox of personal alienation in urban living: the inescapeble physical proximity countered by emotional distance." In the series Pasajero he focused on the commuters in Tokyo's rail system. He takes the position of a beholder creating a photographic exploration of the transit space. The following images come from the series Noe, Tokyo Up, Down and Pasajero.


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