Friday, August 12, 2011

Photographer #355: Murat Germen

Murat Germen, 1965, Turkey, is an experimental artist that often uses photography as his medium. He received a Bachelor of science in city planning from the Technical University of Istanbul and a Master of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Germen is a photographer with a strong conceptual message. For him photography is an opportunity to find things that people ignore. He focuses on the ordinary and latent extraordinariness in regularity. He challenges himself to create extraordinary work of things that are perceived as normal. For his series Muta-Morphosis he created bizarre panoramic photographs or multidimentional cityscapes in various places around the world. The concept is the combination of the notions of mutation and metamorphosis. The images are produced by the compression of the horizontal levels. Murat has exhibited extensively throughout the world. The following images come from the series Muta-Morphosis, Humanscapes - Street View and Way.


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